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Vehicle wraps are one of the best ways to market and advertise your business. With a vehicle wrap, you are practically driving a mobile billboard! Think of all of the potential clients you pass on the road every day that you could be advertising to. You know that when you see a wrapped vehicle somewhere you can’t help but to turn and look at it. They demand attention. And when the car isn’t in transit, it can be parked in a great location to act as a billboard for your business. Want to use your vehicle to advertise your business, team, organization, church, club, community, or school, but want to keep it simple? Guerrilla Graphix can design, produce, and even install decals on your vehicle, or anything else for that matter. Decals can range from a simple, one-color, design that can be cut out from colored vinyl to full color decals that are printed on our Roland xc-540 in CMYK four color process, the die cut out to fit your custom shape needs.

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